Aug 28, 2009

Why I started this blog

I have been thinking for the past many days that why should everyone have a blog. I started this blog with an idea that I wanted to make money and I also wanted to share my good and bad experiences with people who also want to do the same . I have spent quite a bit of time and energy in locating some good sites and this blog is also a way to keep track of them and it is easier for me to refer to my friends and like minded people at one go. It is a very rewarding journey which has started bearing some fruits now . I now know for sure that people do earn from the internet. But I ma against paying anything to earn on the net .If I feel that a particular site investment is required i would rather earn from its free version and then invest the same then adding from my pocket at this stage . So this blog is to acheive my goal and help others do the same .

Mar 2, 2009



You can earn from the blog only if people visit your weblog.The first and the easiest way is to invite people whom you know. that is easy just mail the website address to all in your mailbox and tell them to visit and read your blog. but to get actual traffic you will need to submit your blog to a link refferral program who will direct people to review your site. So to generate Traffic to your Website/ Blog Register here. It is free !

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For being a successful blogger the first and the foremost requirement is to have a good blog host to host your blog . For a new person I suggest that one should start with as it is a site which is compatible to adsense and also to most affiliate programmes you will like to link to your blog for earning money .So if you have a gmail account just logon to and register and you are done .To register you will require to have a name of the blog which you want to write on. Initially , I suggest that one should start with a topic/name/subject which one feels close to and can write a few lines on .It can be children, wife, love, books, tv,politics, religion, games, sports, family, travel etc.. so compete the first step and come back for more .
Happy Blogging

Feb 24, 2009

Pay pal

Anyone who is dreming of earning or doing any business through internet should first open the PAYPAL account. It is simple and free . It is accepted world wide . The link is given below .Join Today!
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Feb 2, 2009

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Jan 9, 2009

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