Mar 2, 2009


For being a successful blogger the first and the foremost requirement is to have a good blog host to host your blog . For a new person I suggest that one should start with as it is a site which is compatible to adsense and also to most affiliate programmes you will like to link to your blog for earning money .So if you have a gmail account just logon to and register and you are done .To register you will require to have a name of the blog which you want to write on. Initially , I suggest that one should start with a topic/name/subject which one feels close to and can write a few lines on .It can be children, wife, love, books, tv,politics, religion, games, sports, family, travel etc.. so compete the first step and come back for more .
Happy Blogging

1 comment:

  1. I have to agree with you on blogger definitely! I teach my students to start in blogger first and if they opt to they can change later. It is very easy to use :)


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