Aug 28, 2009

Why I started this blog

I have been thinking for the past many days that why should everyone have a blog. I started this blog with an idea that I wanted to make money and I also wanted to share my good and bad experiences with people who also want to do the same . I have spent quite a bit of time and energy in locating some good sites and this blog is also a way to keep track of them and it is easier for me to refer to my friends and like minded people at one go. It is a very rewarding journey which has started bearing some fruits now . I now know for sure that people do earn from the internet. But I ma against paying anything to earn on the net .If I feel that a particular site investment is required i would rather earn from its free version and then invest the same then adding from my pocket at this stage . So this blog is to acheive my goal and help others do the same .

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